Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thunderwolf Cav WIP

Now that the Christmas busy-ness is starting to ebb it's finally construction time! I was unfortunately not able to get the bulk of my bitz before the holidays (which is going to limit what I can build), so I've had to make do with the parts I have.

First up is the Thunderwolf Cav. They're constructed with:
- a bloodcrusher mount
- the running legs from a berzerker (to give a good seated stance on the back)
- the head and torso from Forgeworld's World Eater upgrade
- weapon and shield from Warhammer Chaos Knights.

The arms are both magnetized to give me some flexibility in load-out, but my default right now is frost weapon and storm shield.

Here're some shots from the first model off the assembly line.

 So far, so good, I think! I still need to get the shoulder pads in place, but you can get the feel for how the model is going to look. I'm putting a lot of the more detailed and crazy bitz onto these models, so they should look fantastic once completed.

Construction of the remaining cav should continue tomorrow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello to the 11th Company!

Thanks to

Impending Construction

Thanks to a bit of an early Christmas present (in the form of an extra cheque from work), I've placed the orders for:
- 2 units of Berzerkers
- 1 unit of Chaos Space Marines
- 1 unit of Possessed Marines

I was fortunate enough to find a Canadian reseller (, which saved me 20% as well as prevented any potential customs issues at the border.

This (along with the order I placed with Dragon Forge for the remainder of my bases) should give me everything I need to get all of my troop units built! Hopefully they get here soon. Unfortunately, as real life is starting to get crazy with the run up to Christmas I probably won't be able to get much done until the holidays - check back after Christmas for some updates with WIP pics.